6 Largest Horse Breeds in the World

Horse instructor train her large white horse at the farm

No matter their size or color, all horses are beautiful. But we cannot deny that there’s just something majestic about large horse breeds. With their impressive height and well-developed muscles, they’re nothing short of awe-inspiring. Traditionally, large horses are used for labor-extensive tasks. Their intelligence and mild temperament also make them ideal for farm work. […]

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What You Need to Know About the Friesian Horse

Beautiful black friesian horse standing in a small farm

Unless you’re a horse enthusiast, you probably had never heard about the Friesian horse. At least until Kim Kardashian West tweeted that they have 14 gorgeous Friesian horses in their ranch. But even if you’re not a hippophile or don’t keep up with the Kardashians, you should still know more about Friesian horses. And not […]

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5 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

Most expensive horse breed running around the grass

There’s a reason why horses are often associated with affluence – owning one can be expensive. Whether it’s a companion horse or a powerful front runner, people are willing to shell out money for the right horse. And sometimes, it can be in the millions. Horse prices are determined based on their bloodlines, age, and […]

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9 Most Popular Spotted Horse Breeds

White horse breed standing in the grass surface

Spotted horse breeds are usually noticeable in a crowd and draw attention everywhere they go. However, did you realize their magnificent coat is not the creation of humans?  Researchers discovered leopard spotting genes in the DNA of 35,000-year-old horse bones in 2011.  Spotted horses also appeared to be a source of fascination for prehistoric humans […]

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30 Horse Riding Captions For Epic Instagram Posts

Horse running around the farm

Are you looking for some horse captions for your next Instagram posts? Then you’ve come to the right place, as you’ll find some of the best collections of horse riding Instagram captions and horse riding quotes in this article. We’ve gathered these captions and quotes from various sources so that you can easily select one […]

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What Exactly is a Buckskin Horse?

Buckskin horse Staring at the camera

According to genetic analyses available on the Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science website, the true Buckskin horse is a breed that descends directly from Dun or Buckskin colored ancestors, going back as far as the recorded history of the animal allows. International Buckskin Horse Association is known to be the largest registry of […]

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What Exactly is a Dapple Grey Horse

grey horse running around the ice surface

What Exactly is a Dapple Grey Horse?  Dapple grey horses are one of the all-time favorite horse colors. Their beauty and uniqueness are awe-inspiring, and when people see a lovely dapple grey horse, they are always tempted to go through classified advertising. Once you own a dapple grey horse, you’ll be astonished to learn several […]

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Can Horses Eat Bananas?

Horse costume head eating banana at the grass

It is a common fact that horses like eating fruits, with apples being their favorite. But have you ever wondered, “can horses eat bananas?” After all, who doesn’t like bananas, right?  Bananas contain carbohydrates that provide good digestive health benefits. This article will enlighten you with what fruits are healthy for most horses to consume! […]

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How Long Do Horses Live?

Old living horse staring at the camera

How long do horses live? Horses usually live around 20-30 years. However, this will still depend on the breed, as some horses tend to have shorter lifespans than expected. The horses’ way of life is also essential since how they live, eat, and exercise will affect their health. It is quite unlikely that horses will […]

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