Top 10 Horse Riding Helmets for Children

Young girl riding a horse and wearing a helmet for safety purposes

Horseback riding is one of the most beloved outdoor activities there is. People enjoy it so much that they begin to teach their children how to ride a horse at a young age. As fun as horseback riding is, there is a particular danger level that comes with the activity. There are many things you […]

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50 Creative Horse Riding Captions for Instagram

Young lady enjoying the horse trail

Riding horses is a different kind of adventure. There is a certain thrill that you get from horseback riding that you simply cannot get from bike-riding or ATVs. Most people who post their horseback riding experience online have great captions to their pictures that stick to our minds. Horses alone are already mesmerizing as they […]

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Horseback Riding for Beginners: Tips & Tricks

A picture of 2 teens riding horses

So you’ve recently started taking an interest in horseback riding, but you aren’t entirely sure of what to do. Horseback riding for beginners can become overwhelming as it is not exactly as easy as it looks. We often see people in movies or commercials riding horses so effortlessly, but let’s be honest, even just getting […]

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A Quick Guide to Horse Riding for Toddlers

A little girl attending a lesson on horse riding for toddlers.

Horse riding is one of the best experiences for a child who loves horses. If you’re an equestrian who loves riding horses, chances are your child will also be the same. There are also a fair amount of equestrian parents out there who learned horse riding with their parents’ help. However, a parent who doesn’t […]

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