Horse Supplies and Equipments: The Ultimate List

Horse supplies and equipments at the horse garage

Once you’ve purchased a horse, you’ll need equipment to care for it properly and, of course, enjoy the activity for why you bought it, whether it’s riding or driving. When it comes to caring for your pet horse, there are several things to keep in mind. The length of the list below can surprise you; […]

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Arabian Horse Price: How Much Do They Really Cost

White arabian horse eating grass at farm

There are many things to consider if you’re thinking of purchasing an Arabian horse or an Arabian Peninsula horse breed. Like the fact that an Arabian horse price can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, and sometimes even between $500 and $155,000. These Arabian horses have been used to strengthen other breeds by introducing agility, refinement, […]

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The Basics of Western Horse Riding Lesson

A western man attending his first horse driving lesson

The Basics of Western Horse Riding Lessons You want to be able to trot off with trust in yourself and your equine companion as you saddle up for an afternoon western horseback riding. This western horseback riding lesson will guide you on how to get ready for the ride, what to carry, and what essential […]

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War Bridle: How to Use It and Is It Safe

Lady holding his horse war bridle and getting ready for the ride

War Bridle: How to Use It and Is It Safe? Everyone in the horse world knows what a war bridle is. It is commonly used to successfully control your horse’s movements with ease because of the direct contact that you have with the horse’s mouth.  You might be wondering how a horseback rider can move […]

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Common Horse Terms Aspiring Equestrians Should Know

A group of horses racing away in a desert.

Entering the world of managing and caring for horses is like entering a business industry or learning a new topic. You will have to learn over a hundred terms that most equestrians use daily. Like most terminologies, these horse terms that you need to know will help you better understand the slang that equestrians use […]

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How to Spot a Pregnant Horse

A white pregnant horse.

Animals acquire physical and psychological changes when pregnant, much like humans. The most common change in features is when their bellies get larger.  We already know that horses are different from humans. What exactly happens when a horse gets pregnant, and how can you tell if a pregnant horse? This article explains the changes that […]

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Quarter Horse Vs. Thoroughbred: What’s The Difference?

A pair of horses in an open field.

Horse breeds have different traits, making them stand out from each other. When you look at it from a general perspective, a thoroughbred and a quarter horse may look similar. However, when you break down the different physical traits of both horses, you may be able to see that there is a significant difference between […]

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A Quick Guide to Riding Arena Sizes and Design

A horseback rider races around an arena.

Designing buildings and structures is never easy. There are several factors you need to consider when creating different structures. If you are an owner of a horse or horses and wish to join competitions, you may be considering having your own space where you can take better care of your horse/s and maintain them. All […]

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Top 10 Horse Riding Helmets for Children

Young girl riding a horse and wearing a helmet for safety purposes

Horseback riding is one of the most beloved outdoor activities there is. People enjoy it so much that they begin to teach their children how to ride a horse at a young age. As fun as horseback riding is, there is a particular danger level that comes with the activity. There are many things you […]

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50 Creative Horse Riding Captions for Instagram

Young lady enjoying the horse trail

Riding horses is a different kind of adventure. There is a certain thrill that you get from horseback riding that you simply cannot get from bike-riding or ATVs. Most people who post their horseback riding experience online have great captions to their pictures that stick to our minds. Horses alone are already mesmerizing as they […]

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