Horse Boarding in Coconut Creek

You have found the new home for your horse. Welcome to Millpond's Boarding Barn. Located in the rear of our 5 acre expanse is our 10,000+ sq.ft. full service equine living quarters. 24 fully customizable stalls, equipped with all the needs your horse could have. Each stall is ready to be equipped with our top of the line 24 hour remote monitoring service, to ease any safety concerns. We have two large riding arenas with jumping apparatus as well as several large paddocks for the horses to stretch their legs to full extent. We know how much you love your riding partner and value their comfort. That's why our barn is fitted with all the amenities to provide the best horse boarding in Coconut Creek.


Address: 4201 Vinkemulder Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Richard Fitzgerald

Robyn Edwards
Phone:  954-245-6122


Our Barn

Your equine riding partner will surely have the time of their lives with our more than 10,000 square feet of full-service horse living quarters located in the rear of our 5-acre property. Our facility is designed with your horse's comfort in mind. From the stables to turnout areas, we have the amenities necessary to ensure your horse's comfort in whatever season.

Customizable Stalls

Horse stalls do not just shelter your equine friend from the elements. It also provides a safe and comfortable haven for them. We understand that each horse has different needs. That's why our 24 stalls are designed for customization. Each can be customized with amenities your horse will need to make them feel at home.

24/7 Monitoring System

It's natural for horse owners to worry about their equine's safety, especially when it's in a horse boarding facility. For your peace of mind, each of our stalls is ready to be installed with a top-of-the-line 24/7 equine monitoring system. This allows you to check on your horse's activities and status whenever you want to.


We care for your horse's wellbeing as much as you do. That's why our facility is equipped with several large paddocks for your horse to stretch their legs to the fullest extent. They can graze the lush grasses, trot, or gallop. Freshwater is also always available so they can enjoy their daily turnout to the fullest.

Huge Riding Arenas and Trails

Want to take your horse for a ride? Our huge riding arenas equipped with jumping apparatuses are the perfect place to develop a bond with your horse. We also have a horse trail system if you're looking to enjoy a peaceful and leisurely outdoor trot.

Three women riding their horses on a trail near Millpond Stables
A image of Millpond Stables exterior
A image of Millpond Stables exterior
A image of Millpond Stables exterior
A image of Millpond Stables exterior
A image of Millpond Stables exterior
Millpond Stables exterior image