Can Horses Eat Bananas?

Horse costume head eating banana at the grass

It is a common fact that horses like eating fruits, with apples being their favorite. But have you ever wondered, “can horses eat bananas?” After all, who doesn’t like bananas, right? 

Bananas contain carbohydrates that provide good digestive health benefits. This article will enlighten you with what fruits are healthy for most horses to consume!

Safe Fruits

Horses are said to be able to consume a great variety of fruits. However, this is true to only a specific limit. Horses can also be limited in what they may eat, and owners must bear in mind that just a few fruits allowed their precious horses to consume. Here’s a list to help you plan your horse’s fruity diet:

1. Bananas

A horse loves bananas! It is incredibly healthy for them and aids in the absorption of potassium. In reality, competitive horse owners prepare bananas for their horses to consume between competition breaks, including the banana peels. A horse will eat bananas in between breaks as much as tennis players do.

2. Pineapples

Pineapples are good for horses and ponies; however, always remember to remove the pineapple’s core and peel. Before giving it to your horse, cut it into a circle and then slice the rings into quarters. Pineapple is healthy because it contains a lot of vitamin C.

Black horse eating bananas

3. Oranges

Before feeding oranges to your horse, make sure you peel them first. In addition, before feeding your horse oranges, you should split them in half and then cut them into quarters. Oranges are a great source of vitamin C.

4. Coconuts

Although coconuts are rich in fat, they are also rich in potassium, iron, and magnesium. However, a horse should only be given the inside of the coconut. Scoop it all out and cut it into the shape and size you prefer. The coconut husk should not be included because it is not edible to horses.

5. Cherries

Another fruit that is high in vitamins A and C is a cherry. To avoid choking your horse, always cut the cherry in half to remove the stem and pit before feeding it to your horse.

Unsafe for Horses to Eat

Feeding persimmons, rhubarb, and any other nightshade-related fruits and vegetables to horses are extremely dangerous. There are many fruits that horses are allowed to eat, but there are also several fruits that horses cannot eat, such as the fruits mentioned.

Feeding Fruits 

Horses’ digestive systems are incredibly delicate. That is why, before feeding bananas to your horse, you should always chop them into tiny pieces. Fruits can also be used as healthy treats for them! Always remember to feed them clean ones, so wash them beforehand. Additionally, it is suggested that fruits are fed in moderation.

Fruits include starch, which aids in the circulation of the digestive system. However, having too many of these might cause major issues, including colic. Feeding your horse with excessive amounts of fruits, vegetables, and treats may increase the number of calories he consumes and cause your horse to gain such undesirable weight.

If the horse cannot swallow the food all by itself, you must immediately call the vet in charge of your horse and have him checked right away. Always keep your veterinarian’s contact information ready if something happens to them, such as choking or allergic reaction.

Now, you’re completely aware of what horses can and cannot consume, “can horses eat bananas?” has also been answered. Moreover, it has also been proven that a horse likes bananas. Take note of what you’ve learned from this article so that you can give your horse proper care and diet. At the same time, you may share your newfound knowledge with other horse owners or horse enthusiasts.

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