Top 10 Horse Riding Helmets for Children

Young girl riding a horse and wearing a helmet for safety purposes

Horseback riding is one of the most beloved outdoor activities there is. People enjoy it so much that they begin to teach their children how to ride a horse at a young age. As fun as horseback riding is, there is a particular danger level that comes with the activity. There are many things you should be cautious about when riding a horse. Some people learn how to ride a horse instantly. Some take a while to get the hang of it. 

If you plan to teach a child how to ride a horse, they will need to have the proper gear to ensure their safety. Children get scrapes from playing all the time, but that doesn’t mean you should take horseback riding lightly. This article discusses the ten different children’s riding helmet that a child can use when learning how to ride a horse.

Choosing the Perfect Helmet

Choosing the perfect helmet for your child is not as simple as it seems. Children are more fragile than adults, so you need to consider many factors when choosing the right gear. While comfort is essential in practical learning, you should also consider how well the helmet works in protecting your child’s head. First, you have to consider the safety features that the helmet has. You can have the most attractive helmet, but it would be pointless if it is not safe for horseback riding. 

Safety is the number one factor you need to consider when buying a helmet because that is what a helmet is for, right? The next factor is convenience. Some helmets consist of different features that are not relevant to horse riding. Make sure to keep it simple and choose a helmet that features only the things you need. The third factor you need to consider is comfort. How comfortable does your child feel while wearing the helmet during rides? A protective helmet is great, but a helmet that is difficult to wear is more likely to cause an accident than any other helmet. 

Ensure that your child is comfortable enough to ride properly but not too much that the helmet fails to serve its purpose. The last factor is the price. Since you are choosing a helmet for children, do not commit too much to products that are too expensive as they will outgrow them sooner than you think. Settle for a reasonable price but not too affordable that the helmet loses its purpose.

Horse Riding Helmets for Children

Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler Riding Helmet

The Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler riding helmet is a perfect choice for children who like their belongings to have a strong character. The helmet’s shiny texture and a wide variety of colors to choose from make it ideal for children to pick a helmet that best suits their style preferences. 

The lightweight feature and high ventilation allow children to enjoy their ride without having to worry about the helmet weighing them down or getting their heads sweaty too fast. The chinstrap also offers comfort as it was designed to be less irritating on the skin while wearing. 

You may adjust the straps easily, which means you won’t have to buy a new helmet if your child grows. The only downside to this helmet is that the visor that comes with it is too flimsy and can break off easily. Overall, this helmet is perfect for children who like to go fast during their ride on a horse.

One K Boys’ Defender Jr. Helmet

This helmet has a more laid-back look and a matte black texture. The chin straps’ pads add comfort to the person wearing the helmet and are easily washable. The One K Boys’ Defender also has a high ventilation system. The quick-dry feature on the helmet’s liner makes it perfect for children who sweat more than usual. 

Since the One K Boys’ Defender Jr. helmet comes in a matte black finish, the helmet’s overall look gives your child a more sleek and professional look. The physical feature makes it perfect for showing and competition. However, this may not be the best for children with a more outgoing sense of style since it only comes in one color. Since this helmet is fit for more professional use, it does come with a higher price than other models.

Troxel Legacy Children’s Horse Riding Safety Helmet

Focusing on helmets with more variety in terms of style, we also have the Troxel Legacy Children’s horse riding helmet. This helmet offers a more eye-catching design as it comes with a pattern and two different colors, pink and blue. The dial-fit knob adjustment feature of this helmet makes it perfect for fast-growing children as it can be adjustable as their bodies change. 

Since the helmet has a less professional-looking design, it is not suitable for showings and races. The interior of this helmet is removable, making it easier to wash and clean. The ventilation is at an average level, making it not suitable for fast-paced riding. This helmet is perfect for younger children as the sizes only come in small, medium, and large since it is made for heads with smaller shapes.

2 Safety Helmets for horse trails

Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

The Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Children are more likely to enjoy wearing this helmet as they can choose a design that best fits their style and preferences. The Troxel Spirit Horseback helmet also features a dial-fit knob that allows easy adjusting to fit your child’s head perfectly. 

The interior lining is removable, making it more convenient when cleaning. However, the cons of purchasing this helmet include difficulty in choosing the right size. The helmets’ sizing is much smaller than usual as the manufacturers base it on the helmet size rather than head size. The ventilations are not as open as with other helmets, making it possible for the child’s head to get sweaty faster. Other than that, this helmet is of excellent quality despite the affordable price.

TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet

Another black helmet that offers a sleek design is the TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet. This riding helmet is perfect for shows and races as well. The visors on this helmet are removable, which makes an ideal low-profile helmet and has adequate ventilation. 

The TuffRider helmet for children also features a dial-fit knob for easy adjustments on children’s growing heads. Also, the linings on the chinstrap make it more comfortable to wear. This helmet comes in sizes for both adults and children, so if you’re looking to buy a helmet that matches your child’s, this is the helmet for you. 

Troxel TX Horseback Riding Helmet

The Troxel TX Horseback Riding Helmet is a perfect choice for first-time riders. It comes in various colors and designs and includes a removable headliner for easy cleaning, and has high ventilation. What makes it even better is that this helmet also comes in a matte black finish if you look for a more classy design. 

The Trox TX helmet also features a dial-fit that allows for easy adjustment on your child’s head. You won’t be having a hard time looking for the correct size as this helmet has sizes that fit most children’s heads. The downside to this helmet is that the lining tends to loosen after a while, making your child uncomfortable. 

Troxel Pink Dreamscape Helmet

Planning to teach your child how to ride a horse but want them to feel less tense as much as they can? Give your children gear that will make them feel pretty. If your child has a more quirky style and loves the color pink, this helmet is the one for them. The Troxel Pink Dreamscape helmet comes in a pink color only and has a pretty design that is sure to make your child live out the saying of “Riding in style.” 

Most children learn better when they feel comfortable in what they are wearing and if what they are wearing makes them feel good. Not only does this helmet come in a pretty pink color, but it also features a dial-fit knob for convenient adjustment and a flexible visor for excellent sun protection. The interior lining is easy to wash as it is removable. 

Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet

The Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet has a unique look compared to other show helmets. This helmet comes in many colors, making it perfect for children that love a more personalized design. It is ideal for riders who like to go at a fast pace as it features high ventilation. The exterior design is made out of ABS material for increased impact absorption, prioritizing safety. However, this helmet’s visor is not removable, and the padding is told to break easily compared to other designs. Other than that, this helmet is one of the top choices for first-time riders and children as it protects the head well.

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

One of the best lightweight and versatile helmets is the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet that is perfect for children who participate in strenuous horse riding activities such as Jumpers and fast-paced riding. It is available in multiple colors and has an ABS material for added protection. This helmet is made out of high-quality plastic and adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit. Also, this helmet has excellent padding and promotes maximum safety and convenience.

Troxel Libert Schooling Helmet

Last but not least on our list is the Troxel Liberty Schooling Helmet. This helmet features an excellent ventilation system as well as vents covered in mesh for fresh rides. The Troxel Liberty Schooling Helmet’s dial system is also great in adjusting for a better fit on your kid’s head. This helmet ensures that your child is comfortable during their horseback riding experience as the inner paddings and the band is adjustable. Moreover, the Troxel Liberty Schooling Helmet is available at a lower price than other helmets.

Now that you know the top ten children’s riding helmets, you can go ahead and choose which helmet best suits your child. Keep in mind that you need to consider a lot of factors when buying the right helmet. It is not always about how well you look or how professional the design of your helmet is. Riding a horse can get dangerous when not done correctly. Considering the different factors of what makes a perfect helmet, you can easily select which helmet is best for your child. Remember, safety and convenience over fashion and price.

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