All You Need to Know About Einstein – The World’s Smallest Horse

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They say that good things come in small packages. Meet Einstein, the world’s tiniest horse, and find out for yourself! He holds the record for being the smallest foal in the world, weighing only 6 lbs when he was born.

In April 2010, Einstein horse was born on a farm in New Hampshire. He was born with a height of only 14 inches. Furthermore, his dam and sire stood 32 and 30 inches tall, respectively, and they were both champion miniature horse competitors.

How Tall is the Miniature Horse Einstein?

Einstein is now fully grown at the age of ten, standing 2-feet tall and weighing approximately 80 pounds. Moreover, another miniature horse, Thumbelina, was dubbed the “world’s smallest” until her demise in 2018.

Unlike Einstein, Thumbelina was clearly dwarfed, standing only 17 inches tall and weighing 57 pounds. Yet, despite his stature, Einstein appears to be a picture-perfect horse.

Even at birth, his owners noticed he was leggy and well-proportioned, with no dysmorphic features. These health concerns are frequently cited as reasons for people to believe miniature horse breeding is cruel.

Einstein set another record at only two months old when he became the first and only horse to undergo surgery by a canine specialist neurosurgeon. He sustained a spinal cord injury and underwent an eight-hour surgery at Cornell University, which ultimately saved his life.

He even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show just eight weeks after surgery.

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Who Is Einstein Horse Celebrity

Even after relocating to Washington, Einstein’s farm in New Hampshire continued to receive over a dozen visitors per day hoping to see the miniature horse in person. Additionally, setting world records entails a certain amount of responsibility.

Einstein penned a New York Times bestseller with the assistance of his owners, Dr. Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell: “A Friend for Einstein: The Smallest Stallion.”

He visits schools to “speak” about his book and promote youth literacy!

Where is the Miniature Horse Einstein Now?

Einstein currently resides in Bellingham, Washington, where he maintains a brisk pace. However, the co-owners of Einstein have satisfied many fans’ desire to see this adorable horse in action.

He has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel of his own. At the same time, you can especially enjoy his Instagram page, which chronicles his daily life and activities.

His next adventure will be with “Tiny Einy,” an iPhone and iPad game. To follow Einstein horse‘s journey or to learn more, you can visit his website.

Remember that the best things in life come in small-sized packages! Now that you know who Einstein is and his story, you can easily tell people about him and support him in his future endeavors as well.

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