50 Creative Horse Riding Captions for Instagram

Young lady enjoying the horse trail

Riding horses is a different kind of adventure. There is a certain thrill that you get from horseback riding that you simply cannot get from bike-riding or ATVs. Most people who post their horseback riding experience online have great captions to their pictures that stick to our minds. Horses alone are already mesmerizing as they are one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. If you went horseback riding, wouldn’t you want to brag about it online too? You may have already taken pictures of your thrilling experience riding a horse, and now you want to share it online. However, a good horse picture needs a good horse caption, doesn’t it? This article will provide you a list of great captions you can use for your next horseback riding post.

Fun Riding Horse Captions

1. Ride more, worry less

2. Just a girl/boy who loves horses

3. Been there, jumped that!

4. Chin up. Heels down.

5. Saddle up!

6. Hold your horses

7. Live. Laugh. Ride.

8. Stay wild

9. Horses leave footprints on our hearts

10. With you, my heart runs free

11. I’d rather ride on a Mustang than in one

12. Horses lend us the wings we lack

13. For one to fly, one only needs to take the reins

14. A pony is a childhood dream. A horse, an adulthood treasure

15. To ride on a horse is to fly without wings

16. You see a beast, I see a friend

17. A horse is poetry in motion

18. Horses are a girl’s best friend

19. Horse life

20. Wild hearts can’t be tamed

21. Horse girls: Easy to love. Hard to afford.

 22. HAY, Girl!

23. For instant happiness, add a horse!

24. When in doubt, leave one stride out.

25. What the colt learns in youth, he continues in old age.

A picture of a young kid riding a horse with the guidance of her mother

26. I run on coffee and horses

27. Nothing like a rattling ride to cure melancholy!

28. Whinnying is everything

29. True love was born in a stable

30. Like if boys are better than boys

31. In riding a horse, we borrow freedom

32. I would travel only by horse if I can

33. Success is letting go of fear

34. You never get the pleasure of owning a horse

35. You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper

36. Time spent with horses is never wasted

37. Eat. Sleep. Ride Horses. Repeat.

38. Life goal: Ride all horses

39. I’d rather be riding a horse

40. Horses keep me stable

41. Chase your dreams

42. Live. Laugh. Ride.

43. Easily distracted by horses

44. Horses are my favorite people

45. Horse is my spirit animal

46. Born to ride. Forced to work.

47. Riding is my therapy

48. Words are as beautiful as wild horses

49. Wild oats aren’t meant for sowing – but they make a nice trail snack

50. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to buy a horse

Now that you’ve got a list of many possible captions for your post, you can go ahead and select your horse caption! Feel free to make use of any of these captions, as we all know the struggle of finding the perfect words to use. Hopefully, you enjoy posting about your adventures as much as you enjoy riding on a horse! These inspiring quotes or captions will definitely give you and your followers and friends on social media an accurate feel of what a thrilling experience riding horses is.

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