How to Spot a Pregnant Horse

A white pregnant horse.

Animals acquire physical and psychological changes when pregnant, much like humans. The most common change in features is when their bellies get larger. 

We already know that horses are different from humans. What exactly happens when a horse gets pregnant, and how can you tell if a pregnant horse? This article explains the changes that horses go through when they undergo pregnancy.

Ways to Spot A Pregnant Horse

  • Swollen Belly

he most obvious and common sign that a horse is pregnant is its swollen bellies. The bellies get more prominent because a fetus is growing in there. 

However, you should not rely too much on this feature as some horses do not begin to show swollen bellies until 11 months pregnant. Nonetheless, a pregnant horse should have a swollen belly at some point in its gestation.

  • Moody Mares

Another thing that changes in mares when they are conceiving is their change in behavior or mood. Most pregnant mares go into heat during pregnancy. They often get receptive to stallions which you can see whenever they raise their tails or show their rear ends to the male horses. Despite the heat, they will most likely refuse to mate.

A brown pregnant horse.

  • Rectal Examination

Rectal examinations can help determine whether or not a horse is pregnant. Veterinarians usually perform these as they have more experience and knowledge in that area. Vets insert their hands into the rectum of horses to try and feel the uterus of the horses. This can be conducted as early as 15 to 19 days. 

  • Ultrasound

One of the surest ways of determining pregnancy in horses is through an ultrasound scan. You can schedule an ultrasound for a horse as early as 55 to 70 days into speculated pregnancy. Like in humans, the process of getting an ultrasound for a horse is somewhat the same. A device is placed on the horse’s belly to capture an accurate picture of what is inside the uterus.

A pregnant horse goes through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. There are several ways you can find out if a horse is pregnant or not. Unlike humans, you cannot determine pregnancy in horses by taking a simple pregnancy test.

There are also many things you should remember when a horse is pregnant. This includes knowing how to properly take care of them and the best ways to keep them healthy. Having all the information will help lessen the chances of complications in the future.

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